In our modern age of cell phones and selfies there’s just something wonderful about holding an actual film camera and immersing yourself in the moment. Each press of the shutter matters. Each moment is permanently, indelibly captured on film. Using a film camera creates a connection with a history of photography which is hard to replicate in digital form. It opens up your mind to inspiration, creativity, and mindfulness.

For newcomers to this fascinating world – welcome! I’m your tour guide to a fun, uniquely unusual way to take photographs. This book offers step by step instructions on how to choose your Holga, how to set it up for use, what all the cryptic controls mean, and how to have a blast with this new toy camera of yours.

Holgas may be made mostly of plastic, but they’re sturdy, reliable, and can outlast many other cameras through years of dropping, travel, hiking, biking, and plain old enjoying the moment. They can shoot both 120 and 35mm film – and they can create those oh-so-wonderful “over the sprocket” images.

With 100 pages of content and 65 images of everything from shutter releases to quintuple exposures, this book offers something for everyone!


All proceeds from this book benefit children’s art programs.


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