Brass Band Trumpet at St. Patrick’s Day Parade Worcester MA with Holga 120

This is a color photo taken with my Holga 120 medium format film camera.

This image is of Dave Bourdeau who is in a brass marching band with my boyfriend, Bob See. You can see Bob’s bass drum on the left hand side, with a hint of his drumstick. The rest of the band is arranged around the image. They had just finished marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Worcester, Massachusetts. This parade is notoriously rough. Sometimes there is feet of snow. Sometimes frigid temperatures. Sometimes hail-rain. But they march anyway. Neither sleet nor snow … that’s them. The will go out and march.

The Holga 120, likewise, hangs in there. It doesn’t care if it’s rainy or snowy or absolutely frozen. It just keeps working. I’m so impressed by it.

I like the slight vignetting on the edges of the image. It gives it an old-time feel. This band could be from 100 years ago. Except the traffic lights, I suppose :).

If you look really closely, there’s a selfie of me in the right edge of the instrument’s opening.

I took this with Kodak Portra 400 Professional 120 Color Negative Film.

Photographer: Lisa Shea

This film was developed at

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