Elephant in 35mm

This is a 35mm photo of an elephant at Buttonwood Zoo taken with my Holga 120 medium format film camera. That is, I manually rigged the 120 camera to take 35mm film even though it natively takes 120 film.

The benefit of jury-rigging a Holga 120 to take 35mm film is that you therefore shoot the entire height of the film, top to bottom, including the film sprockets. That creates a cool look.

Not all images work well in this horizontal orientation, but this one did. The Elephant House has that long, low structure, build solidly to last up to New England winters with massive animals inside. Similarly, the front of their enclose is also along the fence in that same long shape.

The elephants still get featured as the center attraction.

I took this with Kodak Gold 400 Gen 6 GOLD 400-6 film.

Photographer: Lisa Shea

This film was developed at https://oldschoolphotolab.com/

For more details about how to use 35mm film in a Holga 120, visit:
Loading 35mm Film into a Holga 120 Camera

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