Holga 120 Original Packaging

when the Holga camera first launched in China in 1982, it was meant as an inexpensive 120-format film camera for the masses. The packaging reflects this. It’s not about flash and bling. It’s about a simple, cardboard box, the Holga, and a small manual.

Yes, they gave little plastic bags for a few key items so they did not get scratched up, but beyond that they didn’t invest in the sparkly stuff. Their aim was to keep the price low so as many people as possible could buy it.

And to be fair, the example images don’t try to be shiny or perfect. They have the vignetting that the Holga is known for. They give an accurate representation of the type of image a Holga is going to take.

How about the Holga 120 itself? It came in one color. Black. If you wanted a color other than black, you pulled out your acrylic paint kit and painted it.

Compare that to modern times. The packaging is now glam. There’s a plastic window to see the Holga inside. It comes in a rainbow of colors including day-glow fuchsia. Who in the world would think of fuchsia for a camera? I did have one for a while :).

So that’s the way things go. A camera starts out as a cheap basic one for the masses. It evolves into a pretty artsy camera for those who want to play around with film mindfulness.

About the Holga 120