Horse at St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Worcester MA

This is a color photo taken with my Holga 120 medium format film camera.

This was taken on a cold, snowy day in 2015 at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Worcester, Massachusetts. My boyfriend marches with the brass band so I go out to support them, rain shine or snow. Yes, it was chilly, but the Holga worked like a champ. It didn’t mind the cold.

Now, that being said, I was in the car with him heading home when I spotted this shot. I rolled down the window and got it from the stopped car. Normally I would have waited for the horse to clear the fire hydrant but I would have missed the shot.

You can see a slight vignetting in the lower corners.

I like how the colors came out bright, and of course the fairly strange sight of a horse walking calmly down a city sidewalk in the snow.

I took this with Kodak Portra 400 Professional 120 Color Negative Film.

Photographer: Lisa Shea

This film was developed at

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