Open Sign Quadruple Multiple Exposure – Holga Photography

This isn’t just a double exposure. It isn’t even just a triple exposure. It’s a quadruple exposure! Yes, four photos in a row were taken on the exact same area of film. It’s four, four, four images in one! I saw this OPEN sign for the Uxbridge Gallery and wondered if I could get the letters to line up in a row just with moving the camera. It came out reasonably well!

Since the Holga is a wholly manual camera and does not auto-forward when you take a photo, it means you can take one photo of one thing, then a second photo of another thing, and the images will overlay on top of each other right on the film itself. This isn’t Photoshop. This is the way double exposures used to be done – right in the camera. The light and shadow interact with each other on the film and create a fun result.

This is a black and white photo taken with my Holga 120 medium format film camera.

I was teaching a class on Holga photography at the time, so I wanted to show students some of the fun things one could do with a Holga.

I took this photo with Xtremist Ultrafine Xtreme B&W 120 ISO 100 Film.

Photographer: Lisa Shea

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