Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas in Black and White Holga 120

Taking Holga 120 medium-format photos with a 16 to 12 overlap is quite fun. To do it is quite simple. You put in the standard square insert, so the camera is taking full square photos. Then you only advance the film counter as if you were shooting narrow rectangles. The result is the edges of each square overlaps the previous and next images, creating a continuous montage.

16 to 12 Overlap – Cozumel with a Holga

You can do this whenever you want. If you’re shooting squares, it just means you don’t advance the counter fully to the next space. You overlap.

I did this overlapping while on a cruise with the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas. I loved the way the row of deck chairs faded into the distance. I also liked how this could be a scene on a modern cruise ship or on a classic one. The image of a row of chairs, waiting for people to come sit in them, is fairly timeless.

The edges you see are those overlaps with the preceding and next images.

Photo by Lisa Shea

This was taken with Ilford 1629017 HP-5 Plus 400 Fast B&W ISO 400.

This film was developed at

The impacted image is why it’s always so important to sync what insert you put into your camera with the indicator on the back, unless you’re aiming to do something fun.

Image Size Indicator on a Holga