Sailboat at Blithewold Mansion Bristol RI

This image was taken with my Holga 120 medium-format film camera.

The Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, Rhode Island was once the summer retreat of a wealthy family. Primarily built around 1900, they feature a beautiful garden and extensive grounds. Part of the fun of visiting this mansion is seeing all of the beautiful historic furniture and other items in their natural settings.

Then again, some items are decidedly NOT in their natural settings.

Just why did they decide to showcase the small sailboat up in the attic area? Surely the ground floor, somewhere, would make more sense. And yet here it is, tucked in a corner room, only wistfully able to gaze out the window at the water it once adored.

Life is like that sometimes.

That chair next to the boat almost looks like a therapist’s chair. “Come, lay down and close your eyes, boat. Tell me about your problems. Do you miss those days on the Narragansett Bay?”

This image was taken with Kodak TMY-120 TMAX-400 ISO 400 Professional Black & White Print Film.

This film was developed at

Photographer is Lisa Shea

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