St. Maarten Casino Cross Process

I love St. Maarten and have been there several times. The architecture and atmosphere are quite fun. This photo is of the St. Maarten casino with its traditional neon signs and its blue and yellow decor.

This photo is a cross process developed image taken with my Holga 120 medium format film camera.

I wanted to experiment with a roll of film to have it cross-processed. When you cross-process an image you start with for example slide film and then develop it with chemicals as if it was normal print film. This causes the colors in the print version to pop and for the contrast to heighten.

I took this with Fuji Fujichrome 64T Type II Slide Film. So, again, I used slide film – but instead of making slides I made prints out of it. I used and developed the film in 2016 – the film had expired back in September 2003.

Expired film has its own set of fun results. It’s definitely worth a try!

Photographer: Lisa Shea

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To learn more about creating cross processed images with your Holga medium format camera, visit:

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