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In 2016 I was fortunate to have my mother and stepfather take me on a Danube River Cruise. It’s something I’d always dreamed about doing. We went on an Avalon boat. One of the stops the trip made was in Roth, Bavaria, Germany.

Roth is a stunningly picturesque town. Its central square has a beautiful fountain, several restaurants, and traditional houses. This is one of those traditional houses.

These are the upper stories of the house. You can see the classic construction with half-timber work. You can see the exposed beams, while the remaining spaces are filled with plaster. I love this look.

The color pops because this was done with cross processing. That is, I began with slide film. I then had the developers use regular print chemicals to develop the film, to make prints out of it rather than slides. This causes the color to shine.

Film: Fuji Fujichrome 64T Type II Slide Film (expired 2003-2005, I forgot to write it down)

This film was developed at

I love using expired film. It adds to the curiosity about what will happen. I love the way the vignetting happened on this image.

Photo by Lisa Shea

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