Venus 11 Ocean Kayak with Holga 120 using 35mm Film

I love to kayak. I would kayak every day if I could. It’s no surprise that one of the things I turned my Holga 120 medium-format camera on was my Venus 11 Ocean Kayak. If it was safe, I’d bring my Holga out onto the water with me. I suppose I should give that a try sometime.

In this case I put 35mm film into my Holga 120. Normally the Holga 120 takes medium format 120 film, which is a longer cartridge. So I use foam inserts to hold the smaller 35mm cartridge in place within the Holga. It’s quite fun to do. As you can see, the image then covers the entire 35mm film including the sprockets.

I really love the effect this creates. And every time I see this image, I want to go out again on the kayak. Of course, when I look at it in the winter, I do have the thought that I’ll wait until warmer weather :). Some small amount of sanity remains.

I took this photo in my Holga 102 medium-format camera with Kodak Gold 400 Gen 6 GOLD 400-6 film.

Photographer: Lisa Shea

This film was developed at

For more details about how to use 35mm film in a Holga 120, visit:
Loading 35mm Film into a Holga 120 Camera

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